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Glass has literally been around forever. In fact, it is said that glass can be traced back all the way to the Stone Age. They would use the natural form of glass to help create new tools. Since the glass was such a hard surface and had some sharp pieces on it, it was great for making different types of hunting tools. This probably sounds crazy, but it really is true. This type of glass though was not used in the same way it is used today. Then it was used as a sharpening tool, where as now you can find it all around you. Our technicians here at Phoenix Auto Glass would love to give you some information on how glass really started and how it was made then compared to now.

In the early days, making glass objects was a very tedious and boring job. It took a very long time to create such pieces of glass. The worker would have to do the casting, make the forms and do all of the cutting techniques in order to make the glass just as the buyer wanted it. Because it was so time consuming, it was very expensive and considered a luxury. In fact, some said it was just as precious as gold. It was not until the first century that glass blowing was discovered in the Eastern Mediterranean region. Glass blowing made it much easier to make different types of objects out of glass and it saved a lot of time compared to the old way. It soon became very popular in parts of Europe where they would use different glass objects are decorations. Since then, glass has obviously changed and has been used for many different reasons. Now it is used for windows, auto glass, art, medicine, and even electronics.

Today, glass uses many different substances. Depending on what type of glass you are trying to create, the list of materials will change. For instance, if you are trying to make heat resistant glass then you will need to use boron in it. If you are trying to make a colored glass, then you may use a different type of metal to get the color you want. The list of ingredients used in glass making will keep changing until you have exactly what you need. You would need a different list of ingredients to make auto glass than you would need to make a light bulb or a colored pane of glass for a mosaic.

As you can see, glass has really changed over the years. I mean, it has had thousands and thousands of years to figure out the best way to make it and manufacturer it. As time goes on, new technologies are always being introduced on how to make new types of glasses and how to make glass in new ways.

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